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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why PC Hard Drives Fail?:

Desktop PCS – those bought from high street retailers or those bought from an individual who can build them to your specifications – are built using a variety of components from different manufacturers. With this in mind there can be times that problems occur when the devices do not co-exist well or if there are general issues with the components because they were part of a bad batch that was spread out over many manufacturers. Whatever the reason for it you may find yourself in the position where you can no longer access the data on your computer because the hard drive has failed to respond. This could be because of issues with platters, spindles, heads, actuator arms, firmware, any number of reasons. Whatever the reason we at Plymouth Data Recovery can recover your data to another medium allowing you to continue with that manuscript, heavy design project or university project.

I/O Errors Facing Your Hard Drive:

In our 15+ years in existence we have encountered many thousands of hard drives and storage devices that have required data recovery because of issues with input and output. Quite simply the problem occurs when your storage device is no longer able to register data coming in or the request for data to be accessed by the user. With this a common problem Plymouth Data recovery deal with many requests every week for assistance in recovering data from hard drives that no longer operate correctly in conjunction with the computer they are installed to. You may well be in the throes of suffering from I/O errors if your computer intermittently fails to allow you access to your data or save data to specific files. If this is the case then we would recommend having the data recovered to a new medium as soon as is possible and with this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery can help. Contact us today.

Printed Circuit Board Failures:

What is a printed circuit board? Well a printed circuit board is probably one of the most important parts of a computer or any electronic device these days. A printed circuit board (PCB) in the case of a computer will normally be referred to as the motherboard. And attached to the motherboard are the other components that function together to make the computer work as a whole. Memory, the CPU, the hard drive, graphics card, sound card, all of these are made up of printed circuitry and as such are subject to issues if there is too much power introduced to them. Hard drives themselves have PCBs attached that allow for the transferral of information and the storage of the drive’s own program called ‘Firmware’ which tells it how to run. Plymouth Data Recovery can help you recover your data if your hard drive has failed due to issues with the printed circuit board attached to it.

Onboard Firmware:

Firmware is an important program but you might not have heard of it before now. Firmware is a small but versatile program that passes instructions to your storage devices and then allows it to work in conjunction with your PC. For example if allows the computer to read to and from the hard drive and also determines at what speed it should be completing the process. Firmware however can be susceptible to corruption and such corruption can leave you with a hard drive that is unreadable if even recognisable. To which end Plymouth Data Recovery are on hand to help recover your data from a hard drive that has suffered a firmware issue and restore it to a medium of your choice.

Why Does My PC Keep Crashing?:

Have you recently performed a defrag on your computer only to find that the problems you were experiencing with a slow drive have gotten worse? More over have you since found that your computer keeps crashing, freezing or ‘hanging’ whilst displaying the infamous ‘Blue Screen of Death’? If so then you are in the grip of a hard drive that is suffering probably its last death throes and it is urgent that you do something about it. With this Plymouth Data Recovery can help. We can recover the data from a hard drive that is on the verge of failure and do so with minimal loss of integrity to the data. Contact us today if your computer is crashing for no apparent reason or since you last carried out a defragmentation of the drive.

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