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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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The Many Reasons Why HDDs Fail:

There are so many reasons as to why a hard drive may suddenly stop functioning correctly.  Sometimes it’s simply because of general wear and tear on the device or it may be because of an outside force like dropping the computer whilst in transit, spilling something on it, or incorrect or outdated firmware.  The list is not an endless one but certainly not without many possibilities. Sometimes a device will simply fail with no reason or explanation given and that is where Plymouth Data Recovery come in. Here at Plymouth Data Recovery we will diagnose the problem and recover your data so that you can carry on with the important work you were engaged in before the  crash. We might not always be able to give you an definitive explanation as to why the drive has failed but we will be able to retrieve your data professionally and cost effectively.

Physical Hard Drive Faults:

Physical failures occur when parts contained within the hard drive no longer function properly. This may be the result of heavy duty usage, perhaps a fault in a component used, or because of an outside force at work such as a knock or bump. We can all be prone to accidents and accidents happen around  computers. Drinks are spilled, unforeseen knocks can occur, and even just leaving a computer switched on for overly long periods of time may lead to a hard drive’s premature demise.

Data Loss Due To Accidental Formatting:

It can happen to any of us. Even the experienced IT person can hit the wrong button or execute the wrong command. It might even simply be the press ofDELETE too soon. And when this happens you can find yourself missing work you tirelessly slaved to produce. The accidental loss of data, be it because of an accidental format or mistaken deletion, can throw things into chaos, which is where we come in. If you have mistakenly removed files or formatted a storage device we can help you recover that data quickly and with minimal loss to the data itself.

Power Surges And The Damage To Your Hard Drive:

Power surges can commonly be the cause of problems with the reading and writing of data to your hard drive if you have not been prepared for one. This is common for many computer users because they do not use surge protectors and their computers are therefore susceptible to larger than normal bursts of electricity being sent through the circuitry. With this in mind it is worth considering that power surges can damage not only the motherboard, memory and CPU but also cause damage to the HDD rendering it unreadable in the conventional sense. Plymouth Data Recovery can help you recover your data if your drive has suffered the harmful effects of a power surge.

Firmware Failures Causing Hard Drive Issues:

Firmware has two functions. (1) to ensure that a hard drive works in conjunction with the computer it is connected to and (2) to ensure that the hard drive responds in certain ways when it comes to the reading and writing of data under instruction from the user. When the firmware fails then it may become difficult to access the data stored on a HDD or indeed it may make it impossible for the computer to recognise the existence of the hard drive itself. If this is the case then Plymouth Data Recovery can help you recover your data from a HDD that has suffered problems with firmware, be it a corruption or out of date firmware installation.

The effects Of An Unstable Computer On A HDD:

We all know that hard disk drives may fail for a variety of reasons and may fail if there are bad sectors on them. Sometimes these bad sectors can be found on partitions of the drive that allow the operating system to start up and run. If these bad sectors occur throughout the partition where the operating system is stored then it might well be the case that the operating system cannot cope and therefore freezes. When this happens it may also result in the loss of data saved or the user being unable to access the data that has been saved to the drive before the crash. With this being something of a common problem we at Plymouth Data Recovery are experts in recovering data from HDDs that have become unstable as the result of continual freezing whilst using your PC.

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