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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Failure to RAID 0, RAID 1 or RAID 5:

RAID technology has become much more affordable nowadays. To such an extent that home users can embrace this technology in the same way a small firm or large business would in order to securely record their important data. Unfortunately however be you a small business, large corporation or individual user problems can still occur with RAID devices and as such you may find that you need to contact us here at Plymouth Data Recovery if your RAID 0, RAID 1, or RAID 5 device suffers a device failure and renders your setup up inoperable. We are on hand to help recover data should your RAID setup fail or indeed should the rebuild of your RAID setup not go as it should.

RAID Breakdowns & Faulty Mechanics:

A mechanical failure using a RAID array may leave one drive floundering while the other drives work. However although this may leave you considering the possibility that all is well it should be considered that problems may arise when it comes to the storing and mirroring of information over the other drives. The purpose of a RAID array is to mirror the information across a series of disks but it can be the case that if one fails then the others may not properly mirror the data as they should. This can be caused by issues with drive heads, spindles, actuator arms, and platters falling out of alignment and the resultant loss of data or inability to access the data can be catastrophic. With this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery are on hand to help recover the data with the minimal amount of loss and can also be on hand to ensure any RAID rebuild is carried out correctly.

RAID Arrays: The Pitfalls Of a Rebuild:

Regularly we are asked of our clients for assistance when it comes to the rebuilding of a RAID array after the introduction of a new hard drive. Rebuilds are not always straightforward and as a result you may find it can be the case that the information stored (saved) after a rebuild has taken place is not accessible. With this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery are often (sometimes on a daily basis) called upon by new and existing clients to help ensure the safe rebuild of a RAID array where one or more drives have had to be replaced due to failure because of general wear and tear or because they have suffered a fault that was perhaps the result of a faulty component. One of the general pitfalls involved in a rebuild is that the new (or replaced drive which is not necessarily new) has not been accepted by the array and therefore has failed to save data and has broken the chain in the mirroring sequence.

Firmware Failures In Your RAID Setup:

Every drive in your RAID setup requires firmware to make it run correctly. The small but versatile program is needed by each drive (contained within the PCB attached to it) to allow the drive to run in sequence and also to recognise the array to which it has been fitted. Without the firmware drives will either not respond correctly to the RAID array to which they are attached or will simply not work, leaving the chances of recovering data from them slim unless they are recovered by an expert firm such as Plymouth Data Recovery. Firmware cannot always be updated as many manufacturers do not update their firmware after say the introduction of a new operating system. Therefore when a new operating system is installed or a new BIOS (on a motherboard) it can be the firmware no longer is recognisable as the firmware of choice, leading to a failure of hardware.

Faulty RAID Controller Cards:

You cannot predict when a RAID controller card will fail. To this end when it does you may not, and in fair probably aren’t, prepared for it. This will leave you in the position where you have a RAID setup that is no longer functioning correctly because the information being sent and received by the controller card attached to your PC or server setup is not performing correctly and not sending or receiving the information correctly. Many people think that by simply replacing the controller card their problems are over but unfortunately with a RAID array you may find that the data you have saved using the mirroring system of your RAID setup may not be accessible. At Plymouth Data Recovery we are on hand to help recover data from a faulty RAID setup should you not be in a position to access it after the installation of a new controller card.

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