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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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USB Sticks Common Problems:

In today’s ever changing world it is necessary that when you are on the move documents, images or other files be changed at a moment’s notice. And one of doing this is to store them on USB sticks. USB sticks, like their camera card counterparts, are useful because of how easily transportable they are but this ability to be moved so easily can lead to problems if they are dropped in transit, exposed to the elements, brought into contact with substances that are harsh and dangerous, or generally the USB stick is exposed to overuse and a lot of wear and tear. With this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery are on hand to help you recover the data from faulty or inaccessible USB sticks.

USB Memory Stick Adapter Issues:

There is, inside each USB stick, an EEPROM chip onto which the information is saved. This is what you, the user, will know as Flash memory and can hold information in a variety of formats and sizes. EEPROM chips are easily damaged through mistreatment and can end up unreadable or inaccessible. Problems can occur if the bonding and the resin holding it become damaged. The results are that the USB stick is unable to read or be read by the computer you have connected it to. Using up to date  technology Plymouth Data Recovery can retrieve the data from USB sticks that would otherwise be considered beyond repair.

USB Memory Stick Third Party Firmware Failures:

Firmware, for want of a better description, is a small but versatile program that is used to tell storage devices how to function when they are added to a computer. For example without firmware built into your USB memory stick you would not be able to access the data therein from your laptop or desktop PC because the firmware acts as a means of communication. Every storage device comes with firmware pre-loaded and the purpose of this firmware is simply to make sure the USB stick functions in the way it should if there are no physical issues to prevent it. However firmware can sometimes become corrupt or out of date depending on the age of the storage device and also dependant on other factors such as changes to your operating system. You may find that using a USB stick with faulty firmware will result in your computer being able to see the device but not access it. Plymouth Data Recovery can help you recover your data if a third-party firmware program has rendered it inoperable.

USB Memory Stick Formatted Or Deleted:

No-one likes to admit to it but at some time or other we have all done it. We have all been in the position where we have deleted or formatted a device without thinking or by mistake because the drive letter has changed when we have removed and plugged a device back in again. With this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery are on hand to help you recover your data should you accidentally delete or format the memory stick. We ask though that you do not try and recover it using third party recovery software (this is not always successful) or try to format the device yourself. Contact us as soon as possible here at Plymouth Data Recovery.

USB Memory Stick Causing PC or MAC:

Have you recently plugged a memory stick into your computer or laptop only to find that it has caused the machine to freeze or become inoperable. If you have then there may well be an issue with the memory stick that the computer can not contend with. For example if you have experienced the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD) then it may be because there is a hardware conflict being caused by the introduction of the memory stick to the computer via a USB port. This can still happen using the new Windows 8/8.1 platforms even though we are told that this is unlikely. Here at Plymouth Data Recovery we can tell you that it does happen. If you are experiencing hardware conflicts because of the introduction of a USB memory stick then we would suggest there is a problem with the memory stick and are on hand to recover your data to another medium before it becomes impossible to retrieve.

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