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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from iMacs and Macbooks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Apple Mac Hard Drive Has Stopped Working:

Apple Macs are the stuff of dreams for many people. Expensive, powerful and capable of producing complex artistic and graphical design work they are normally to be found in photographers’ studios, graphic design studios and audio/video companies studios. As Apple Macs generally come in one unit it can be difficult to diagnose a specific problem unless it is relating to the hard drive. A hard drive within an Apple Mac is similar to that of a desktop PC and as such can suffer the same fate. With this in mind Plymouth Data Recovery can help recover the data from an Apple Mac hard drive in the same way we would from a Windows PC. And just like Windows PCs Apple Mac drives can suffer the same problems – head issues, spindle problems, actuator arm breakages. Contact us at Plymouth Data Recovery if your Apple Mac hard drive is proving troublesome.

Spindles, Platters and Head Malfunctions:

The aforementioned spindles, platters and heads are integral parts of any hard drive and as such any failure or malfunction can cause the hard drive as whole to cease to function correctly. With this in mind it may be the case that your data becomes no longer accessible especially if you have moved the computer from place to place a lot. This is one of the issues that can afflict an Apple Mac especially as they are all-in-one units and can be transported from location to location a lot more conveniently than an ordinary desktop PC. Although transporting an Apple Mac may be convenient it can cause problems with the internal workings especially if knocks and collisions occur. Plymouth Data Recovery are well versed in recovering data from hard drives within Apple Mac hard drives that have suffered failure due to being knocked or bumped in transit.

PCB Electronics Shutdown:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are commonplace nowadays in most things electronic. Within computers PCBs are used to store hardwired information such as firmware and if these fail then the computer’s ability to perform correctly is impeded. For example if the PCB on a hard drive fails then it will not be able to send and receive information that has been stored on or to it. With this in mind you are then faced with the the loss of important information because the computer – in this case an Apple Mac – will not acknowledge the drive’s existence. We at Plymouth Data Recovery have 15+ years when it comes to recovering data from drives where the PCB has failed.

Firmware Upgrades and Their Impact On Apple Mac Hard Drives:

Firmware is small, intelligent and rarely ever encountered by the everyday computer user. However Firmware has a very specific purpose and that purpose is to ensure that the devices within your Apple Mac all talk to each other and function in the right way. If the Firmware that governs how your hard drive functions fails then you may well find that your hard drive is no longer able to access the info

Why Has Your Apple Mac Hard Drive Frozen After a System Hang Up?:

An Apple Mac may suddenly lock up or freeze as a result of problems originating on the hard drive. It may be as a result of a software installation that has corrupted boot sector files or because of bad sectors on the disk as a result of simple wear and tear. After a while the integrity of a hard drive is lessened if too many files are installed, deleted and moved around without properly housekeeping. These sudden shutdowns and freezes not only result in the loss of data but can also contribute to the degradation of other components within your computer.

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