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Windows Computer Repair


Hello, I would like some help with an Operating System problem. I self-built my own computer some time ago, and have installed Windows 8 into one of the partitions on the drive, to give it a trial. That seemed fine for a few months, and I saved data to the drive and also downloaded some new software especially for this OS. However, on starting the computer this morning, I have now started to receive error warnings, including Windows\system32\config\Windows error. It would then freeze up, and refuse to go into any other screens. I tried to recover the system using a Windows 8 disk, but this has not worked, and I get the same message as before. I can’t load up as far as the BIOS screen, and I can’t access anything apart from that system error. I have a lot of data, not just on the Windows 8 partition, but across the drive, and I need to recover it all. I need to get as much off the system as possible without corruption.


I am having problems with a Windows 98 installation disk, which I want to fit onto the computer. I got the disk from a relative, and had all the codes, so I installed it into the system. However, after only a few months of use, I am not able to get into the operating system. The computer refuses to boot up into the OS. The computer itself is new, and I wanted the old OS to keep using an older version of Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets which has not been updated since the Windows 98 period. I have already created 102 spreadsheets over the couple of months, and I have saved the files on the drive. These are of great work value to me, and I want to recover them from this blocked OS.

Windows Computer Repair

Although we are now moving towards an age of tablets, laptops and more portable computers the most popular computer still in the market place today – and indeed in the office place – is the Windows PC.

With Windows PCs still operating on systems right back as far as Windows 95 there are a whole host of problems that can arise when using them either for home or commercial use. Indeed many individuals still operate on older operating systems out of a sense of being able to understand their needs and without fancy bolt-ons and features they would have no requirement for.

Right back as far as Windows 95 – of which there are still many thousands of copies still in existence – the so called ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BOD) is the one thing that symbolizes that problems can be occurring with your hard drive.

Indeed along the versions Windows has offered the opportunity to use defrag as a means of cleaning up a disk and rendering it fit for use when errors have been reported. And there are occasions when a simple defrag are sufficient but for the most part all the defrag feature allows you to do is move fragmented information and data from varying parts of the hard drive to one series of sectors in a uniform manner.

Windows also allows for the detection of bad sectors on a hard drive and their segregation. For many users this sounds like an idea option and the perfect way out of replacing a hard drive but in all actuality they are really just prolonging the problem. Rendering bad sectors unreadable and moving them from one place to another does not remove them, it simply tells the operating system to avoid using them upon saving information.

Many of the latter versions of Windows, including Windows 7 that is the most popular even though Windows 8 is not available, will simply report that there is a hard drive error without informing the user as to what it is. No error code is given and for many the only option here is to try and reinstall a new copy of the operating system over the old. This is fine if you have nothing of value on the drive but if you have a lot of information that is difficult to regenerate then a reinstall is something that you should steer clear off.

Don’t forget that if you keep a lot of your information on the desktop in a ‘My Documents’ folder then a reinstall will erase the desktop and delete this information off.

Contacting www.plymouthdatarecovery.co.uk is suggested in order to ensure that your information is recovered and can be recovered from disk drives that many would otherwise say were beyond repair and would simply replace or reformat.