South Hams Data Recovery

Data Recovery South Hams: Using our unique set of data recovery methods as well as the most up-to-the-minute recovery technology our engineers are able to help recover data that would otherwise be considered lost forever and the storage devices in question thrown away. From hard drives to external hard disk drives, mass storage devices to USB memory sticks, memory cards and everything in between, our experts have been recovering data from malfunctioning devices for over 16 + years. To find out more about how we can help recover your data or for a no obligation no hassle quotation, call our team today on 01752 479547.

We all know that hard drives are where the information on our computers is stored so when something happens to the hard drive there is a good chance (perhaps not the right choice of words) that your data may become lost or inaccessible. With this in mind our data recovery South Hams engineers have been applying themselves to the task of recovering such information for over a decade and a half. In addition to this they have been developing their own data recovery methods to make the chances of recovery even more successful.

Although we cannot give away all of our trade secrets here our data recovery South Hams engineers can tell you that there are some elements of forensic computing as well as reverse engineering that go into their own bespoke data recovery techniques. And in using these methods we have been able to recover the data from a great number of failed or defunct storage devices as well as being able to help with the rebuild of RAID arrays and the likes when they fail.

We are also proud to say that as a data recovery solutions provider we are in a position to provide recovery for such devices as the HP P4000 & P4500 StoreVirtual systems which their own manufacturer have said are ‘unrecoverable’. For more information on this and much more contact our team today on 01752 479547.

1000s of parts in stock, experience engineers and the ability to ‘recover the unrecoverable’-what more could you need from a data recovery solutions provider?

Our data recovery South Hams engineers don’t make these bold claims lightly. We have the knowledge and the experience to back it up and in addition to that our clients can provide you with the feedback you need to know we are able to do what we say. Check out the feedback on the testimonials page and have a look at some of the big name clients we support as they scroll across the bottom of this page. Annually we recover thousands of terabytes of data from hundreds (if not thousands) of faulty or failed storage devices, returning the data to its owners, and enabling them to pick up from where they were forced to leave off.

Call our data recovery South Hams personnel today on 01752 479547 if you have found that the data on your hard drive or similar such storage device has become inaccessible. Our engineers are on hand 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday to help provide you with a no obligation quotation (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered a mechanical failure), an initial diagnosis of the problem, and an explanation of how our No Fix No Fee guarantee works. If you are happy with our explanation of the problem and would like us to recover your data we ask that you send the drive to us here at our data recovery South Hams and Devon centre. You can do this using Royal Mail, courier or deliver the device in person if you work or live in the locale.

On receiving your device into our data recovery centre our data recovery South Hams team will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you with a report of their findings plus a comprehensive list of all the data that can be recovered. We do this by email so that we can detail extensively files, folders and directories that are recoverable (if the data to be recovered equates to more than 30GBs in size we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy for us to finalise the process we ask that you make payment to us by BACS or credit/debit card and on receipt of payment in full our data recovery team will recover and return your data to you via next day courier service. For more information on how we can recover your data and for a no obligation quotation call our team today on 01752 479547 –telephone lines and our data recovery centre are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter). Please note we do not accept PayPal.