Cornwall Data Recovery

Data Recovery Cornwall: If you have landed on this page it is because you are looking for Cornwall’s premier data recovery solutions provider and with that in mind look no further. Our engineers have over a decade and a half’s experience in recovering data from a whole host of damaged, malfunctioning and defunct storage devices ranging from hard drives to external hard disk drives, network assisted storage (NAS) to USB-connectable memory sticks and memory cards. For more information on the varying levels of data recovery solution we provide as well as a no obligation quote call our team today on 01752 479547.

In today’s fast moving world it is good to be able to take your data with you and in order to do that a lot of computer user’s adopt the policy of using either a portable hard disk drive or a USB memory stick or memory card. Our data recovery Cornwall engineers are often asked about why these devices fail even though they are designed to be used on the move and the truth is they are just as susceptible to damage as their desktop PC or laptop counterparts.

Our data recovery Cornwall engineers are often asked to help recover the data from such devices after they have seemingly mysteriously stopped functioning properly but the truth is there has probably been some kind of warning, no matter how small, that might have alluded to the chaos that was about to unfold.

Did your computer fail to recognise your storage device upon plugging it into a USB port? Did it work for a few moments then disappear? Did your storage device fail to function after it had been dormant for a few minutes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need the help of the premier external hard disk recovery provider in Cornwall and its surrounding areas.

I moved the external HDD from one machine to the other now nothing is working!

Our data recovery Cornwall engineers sadly can’t say they haven’t heard this before because it is something that happens a lot. One of the reasons for this is that just like an internal hard drive your external hard disk drive has components that move and if you try to move the disk (in its caddy) too soon after powering down there may be residue spin going on inside; this means that as you move your drive in one direction the platters inside are still spinning down from 7200RPM and this can cause a catastrophic collision between platters and read/write heads. You will know for sure if this is what has occurred because the drive will make a noise reminiscent of metal grinding against metal or as some of our customers have put it ‘it sounds like something stuck in the spokes of a bicycle wheel!’

If the above is something that you are experiencing call our data recovery personnel today on 01752 479547 and speak to one of our engineers. Whilst doing so make sure the drive is placed somewhere out of harm’s way and make sure that no one else can try to work with it. Our engineer will provide you with an initial explanation of the problem as well as a no obligation quote (this may include an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical failure) and we will also explain our No Fix No Fee guarantee. If you wish us to proceed with the recovery we ask that you send the affected drive to us at our data recovery Cornwall centre. You can do this by post, courier or in person if you wish to.

Once we have received your storage device our data recovery Cornwall team will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you. Our engineers do this by email so that not only can they explain in detail the nature of the problem but can also comprehensively list all of the data that can be successfully retrieved. If you are happy for us to continue we ask that you make payment to us by credit or debit card or BACS transfer (we may ask you to purchase an external storage device if the data to be recovered is in excess of our 30GBs allowance which is normally recovered to data DVDs). Once we have received payment we will recover your data to its new media/storage device and return it to you by next day courier service (the cost of this is already incorporated into your quotation). For further information, a no obligation hassle free quotation or to book your external hard drive in for recovery call our data recovery Cornwall team today on 01752 479547. Our telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm as is our data recovery centre. We are closed Christmas Day and Easter).