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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Raid 1 Recovery

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Failings To RAID 1 Servers:

A RAID 1 array can be used in the home, small businesses or large corporations for the storage and retrieval of high volumes of data that more than one person may need access to and any one time. With this in mind you have to consider the possibility that such devices – especially the hard drives inside them – will fail due to heavy usage. RAID devices are becoming the IT work horse of many a company these days and with that in mind many companies are turning to us here at for help when their drives fail or cannot be accessed. We are experienced with many different makes and configuration of RAID array and also the problems they encounter such as data corruption, damaged controller cards, missing partitions and disk failures after a rebuild

Unprepared For RAID 1 Drive Breakdowns Due To Faulty Mechanics:

A RAID 1 mechanical failure can sometimes leave you with one drive malfunctioning while the rest of your server/array will continue on and pick up the slack by mirroring the data across the remaining drives. Although this sounds fine in practice there are problems inherent with this, which, if not dealt with, can cause the loss of data on a huge scale. If you have suffered from a RAID failure on a physical hardware level contact us at where we can best advise on how to recover your system and your data

RAID 1 Arrays And Rebuilding Them: The Pitfalls And Potential Failings:

We are asked on a daily basis to help individuals and companies recover from a failure after a RAID rebuild. Having replaced a RAID disk and performing a rebuild does not necessarily mean your problems are over and indeed this can lead to further problems. Many RAID rebuilds result in a boot failure or data not being fully restored afterwards. We pride ourselves on our ability to help many companies and individuals recover their data and their RAID array from an incomplete or flawed rebuild

Third Party And Array Firmware Failures In Your RAID 1 Setup:

All hard drives including those in RAID 1 setups require firmware to allow them to operate correctly with the motherboards they are connected to. To this end if a firmware program is out of date or corrupt then there is a likelihood that one or more of your RAID drives will not function if this firmware is not correct. When this happens data can be lost, as it may not be written to the right place if written at all. Here at we are experts in dealing with faulty or corrupted firmware within RAID setups.

Faulty RAID 1 Controller Cards, And/Or Damaged Partitions Leading To RAID Array Collapse:

You may have had the same RAID 1 setup for some time or indeed may have changed it for a new one but there is no telling when a RAID controller card may decide to malfunction. Even after replacing a RAID controller card the RAID setup may not boot in the manner it is supposed to and in some instances may not boot at all. Partitions may corrupt or the volume may be reported as being more or less than its actual size. This may lead to incorrect reading and writing of data to your RAID drives

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