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Dell PC Repair

Dell have been manufacturing Windows PCs now for some time and in that time have produced a variety of different models including the Inspiron and Dimension series.

As well known and as popular as they models and brands are they are prone to a variety of hard drive problems that if left unchecked can lead to a complete failure of the drive and the loss of all the data thereon.

One of the most problematic of models is the Inspiron 570, which seems to have difficulty holding onto the information on the drive relating to how to boot up the machine. For some reason – and there seems to be no definitive explanation for this – the drive seems to lose the information relating to the booting up of the operating system and therefore tells both Windows and the BIOS that no drive is installed. Indeed there are times when the drive seems to show up as being a completely different drive letter.

For the most part one might think that if the drive appears as a different drive letter you can simply rejig the BIOS to look to this letter for the boot sector but therein lies a problem of its own. The BIOS will look to this drive but find nothing because the boot sector has been damaged and this can lead to the drive simply refusing to do anything other than spin.

With this in mind many people simply carry out a reinstall of their existing operating system, which while ok if you have no information to lose will cause problems if you have valuable private or work related data stored.

Another common problem among these models is the inability for the drives to recognize or remember FAT32 or NTFS file systems. For the most part most Windows operating systems now operate on an NTFS system whilst older system such as Windows 95 – of which there are still many users – operate on a FAT32 system. Regardless of the system type you use the drive may not recognize it and no reason for this is given.

Many individuals report contacting Dell only to find that the manufacturer themselves have no explanation for this problem and can only offer the suggestion of trying to perform a recovery from the partition stored on the drive for the operating system or simply replacing the hard drive.

Again if you have information that you need to protect or need to save then you should contact us here at www.plymouthdatarecovery.co.uk where we have had 14 years dealing with such problems across a wide range of Windows PCs including the Dell range. We will be happy to advise you on the best course of action and where possible help you restore your information before it is lost on a permanent basis.