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Acer Laptop Repair


I am having some problems with the Acer hard drive. The laptop immediately went into an eRecovery management program one afternoon, which started running through all of the files which are in the laptop. Then, it put up a message which said that Windows could not start. I was given a series of options, including Restore OS and Retain Data. The process was supposed to be completed successfully, but the laptop still starts up each day in eRecovery, and still offers me a series of options. So far, I have selected Restore OS and Retain Data, but each time I do it I know I could easily make a mistake and wipe my hard drive. So I have dedcided to leave it to the professionals and let a data recovery company look at it as the data is too valuable to lose.


Hello. My friend and I need some help with his laptop. It has been having trouble recently which suggests to me that the hard drive has been failing. Windows struggled to start, the laptop couldn’t access emails, the file delivery was slow as glaciers. However, now there most definitely is a problem. Windows can no longer find any bootable disks on its hard drive. Instead, it is trying to boot from the CD rom, or even from the network connection. The drive is clicking, which sounds like the click of death. I also cannot seem to find any BIOS settings on the laptop, although I can see the Acer setup logo, and says F2 for setup. When I press that, there is just nothing. I assume that means that there is another issue aside from the hard drive. I took the latter and put it in an enclosure, and could not get Windows on my desktop to recognise it. I am not able to view the data on the drive. I have tried a few different methods, and nothing works.

Acer Laptop Repair

Acer have been manufacturing their unique brand of laptops to the consumer now for some time and in the time they have been doing so they have had their own fair share of problems with hardware; none more so than with hard drives.

Two particularly troublesome models of Acer laptop that have provided many consumers – both domestically and commercially – have been the Acer Aspire 3680 and the 5538.

Although manufactured at different times both machines seem to suffer similar fates when it comes to the hard drives that operate inside them.

Both seem to have difficulty maintaining a running and orderly copy of an operating system and both also seem to lose their way when it comes to communicating with the BIOS settings of the computers they are installed in.

With Acer however you should be aware that the hard disk drives contained inside them are not manufactured by Acer themselves and are the by product of several business unions with companies such as Seagate.

Again these problems manifest themselves on screen as what many know to be the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BOD). While many consider this screen to be an annoyance caused by a problematic operating system the truth is sometimes this ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BOD) is the product of a failing hard drive.

Faulty drives may heat up and as a result the epoxy compound that holds the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in place may come lose; this results in an inability on the hard drive’s behalf to read its own firmware which causes issues with the speed of revolutions per minute and also overall writing to disk errors.

If you have an Acer laptop, which develops a hard drive fault, then it would be suggestible if you have a problem to contact www.plymouthdatarecovery.co.uk rather than attempt any sort of quick fix yourself.

As discussed previously one should not attempt to repair any hard drives of their own accord especially if they are following the advice of forums and message boards online. These, although well meaning, can cause further problems and further loss of data.