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Synology NAS Disk Repair


I have been using a Synology DiskStation 1812+ NAS for some time with no problems. However, during a recent update, I started to notice little things are going wrong. Firstly, the Resource Monitor has not updated, and the DiskStation is displaying its memory as almost full, even though there are only 1TB of data in there, and there are 5 1TB drives in the array. I think this means that there is a possible memory leak somewhere. I decided that I would have to reboot the device, which I did using the Main Menu. However, it has shut down and never got back up. When I do reboot it, it is saying “Failed to Upgrade Cloud Station Database”. I tried to speak to Synology tech support, and they told me to copy everything and remove the Cloud Station data. Now I cannot connect to the Cloud Station, it says that it is connected to another server. All the IDs and passwords for routers and so on are correct.


I have been using a Synology DiskStation for some time, and recently decided that I would like to add another drive to the station. I already had some success with installing a drive previously, so I thought this would be a piece of cake. However, I have added 2 new WD drives, which are exactly the same make and model as the other drives in the array. This time, however, the DiskStation appears to have not accepted the addition. What happens is that it will shut down, and then start itself back up. It will run for a time, and then beep several times before shutting down. I can try to reboot it using the button, but it does not working. I took out all of the drives, and added two new ones, and the same thing is happening. It has had more than one shut down per hour in the last 24 hours, and data is not accessible.

Synology NAS Disk Repair

The range of Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices is quite extensive and also priced as such not to be a strain on resources. This is to be said both for their home use and office-based systems.

A selection of their NAS devices allow you the user to insert your own hard disk drive thus allowing you to specify the size of hard drive fitted. There are others in the range that come with the hard disk drives already fitted and simply waiting for you to fill them with your information, be it video, audio or high volumes of company related data.

They fall into several different brand categories including the Diskstation and the Rackstation, the Diskstation being more for home use while the Rackstation group are designed to cater more for the business user.

One common problem that seems to be occurring quite regularly with users of the DS212 model is an incompatibility when it comes to which hard drives to use. These models can be bought either way, either with hard disk drives already fitted or diskless, allowing you the user to install your own if you feel confident enough to do so.

However it seems that over time the unit and others like it (although this is the most common offender) suddenly starts failing to recognize the drives inside it. There have been many theories as to why this may occur but no concrete answers given.

Synology have a list of preferred compatible hard disk drives but it seems virtually impossible to find this list so unless you buy an array from them with drives already fitted you may find yourself experiencing a great many difficulties further down the line. And even that said the arrays with already added drives are not immune from this problem.

In addition to this many of the Synology NAS devices do not seem to work particularly well when connected to a network or directly to an Apple computer.

These report persistent problems recognizing the drives and have been reported to carry out unscheduled and unnecessary formats of the NAS drives.

If this happens however you may be able to retrieve your information by contacting www.plymouthdatarecovery.co.uk

Synology NAS devices are many and varied and the experts at www.plymouthdatarecovery.co.uk are in a position to help you should you experience difficulties with yours.