Case Study 3: Lacie 1TB Network Drive in Raid 0 Configuration (Striped)

Lacie 1TB Network Drive in Raid 0 Configuration (Striped)

A local Graphic Design Company had a problem with their file storage NAS System. Lacie 1TB Network Drive (2x 500 Gb Samsung HD501LJ Drives), the Lacie netwrok drive was appearing and then disappearing from clients network. Then the device did not get recognised at all. The client tried removing both Samsung drives from the Lacie unit and placed them in a External HDD Docking station. Windows Disk Manager sees the hard drives, but they have not been assigned a drive letter. The HDD’s do not appear in My computer or in numerous Disk Recovery Programs. Clients contacted Lacie support based in France. They advised a few solutions but ended up getting nowhere. Client was recommended to us via their computer support IT company.

The Lacie Big Disk system was setup in a Raid 0 stripe configuration. This means data is striped across both disks. We imaged all sectors on both disks and reset up the rait system and processed data for a full recovery. We performed this recovery within 24 hours as client had business critical data on drive that they needed ASAP.

* We believe we offer the quickest data recovery service in UK and Ireland.