Case Study 2: Iomega GDHDU 2tb External Hard Drive Failure

The Iomega drive failed without warning for client. The Iomega drive connected ok for client and a usb device was getting recognised but it was not showing up in device manager. Client was using Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron laptop. The client tried the external hard drive on several different computers but would not connect on any computers.

We received in GDHDU 2tb External Hard Drive for recovery. We removed the hard drive from hard drive enclosure and tested it. The drive had electronic damage to the PCB on hard drive and also to the factory firmware that resided on one chip on the PCB. We upgraded drive electronics and copied new firmware to the PCB. This allow us to image the hard drive and complete a full recovery for client. We backed up data onto a new Seagate 2tb Go Flex External Hard Drive.

* We image all hard drives we receive in for data recovery, this keeps the integrity of the original hard drive 100%.