RAID 5 Rebuild

In recent years RAID 5 technology has dropped considerably in price.

Indeed the price has dropped so much and the technology improved so much that RAID 5 technology is now available to the small to medium sized business where originally it was only available to the multi-million pound a year corporations or manufacturing institutions.

The technology has now been improved by a whole new generation of computer users and although still referred to by many as RAID 5 has become known to the new breed of computer users as ‘Network Assisted Storage’.

But by whatever name it goes RAID technology still has its failings and a great many of them have passed through the fingers of our engineers here at Plymouth Data Recovery. From faulty drives to redundant controller cards, our engineers have been on hand to help many businesses recover valuable data from these devices, recover them to new drives and help rebuild their arrays to get them back to full productivity again as quickly as possible.

RAID 5 works on a similar principle to RAID 3, only major different being is that there are 5 drives instead of 3 as the name might suggest.

RAID has two options – software or hardware – and for the most part most companies opt for hardware so that the data they are storing can be stored to more than one drive to ensure the maximum safety and security of their information. Software RAID is the process of splitting one hard drive into several partitions and while this may be worthwhile if you are a single computer user, where many users need access to the data in order to enhance it or simply view it, hardware RAID often is the best option.

At Plymouth Data Recovery we are often called upon to help recover data from drives that have failed within a RAID setup. To this end when the drive fails the information that would be saved to it (or mirrored) is sent off to one of the other drives as a ‘stripe’. These ‘stripes’ when put together make up the entire portion of information, rather like taking pieces of a picture and gluing them together to make a complete photograph. With ‘stripes’ missing the information is incomplete and we are asked to help recover it and reconstitute it on a new drive which can then be placed back into the RAID array.

We are also asked if we can provide an engineer on-site to help ensure that the RAID rebuild goes smoothly as they can often fail. And finding the reason as to why a RAID rebuild can fail is a job in itself.

For further information on how we can help you rebuild your RAID array and retrieve data that has been lost contact us on 01752 429735. Our lines are open from 9am to 6pm and our engineers will help talk you through the process as well as provide you with an initial diagnosis and no obligation quote. We’ll also give you details of our No Fix No Fee policy and the service packages we have to offer.