Apple Mac Mini Repair

Technology is becoming more sophisticated and smaller with each passing year. And there can be no better example of this than with the Apple Mac Mini, a small little box of silver sleek design that packs a punch when compared to its larger rivals.

With 4GB of ram as a standard and an i5 processor the Apple Mac mini is able to compete with the best of the rest when it comes to producing high intensity graphics and audio work for those designers for whom the only choice is Apple but who have (a) a limited budget or (b) limited space.

At Plymouth Data Recovery our engineers have been asked to assist these clients when the worst happens and the hard drive inside these small but powerful machines fail. And as with all computers the hard drives inside an Apple Mac mini can fail for a variety of different reasons; some of them hardware related, some of them to do with conflicts in the software or firmware.

As we always say to our clients – both existing and new – if you are in the presence of a computer that is making a noise that does not sound natural, power down and seek advice. This applies to the Apple Mac mini as much as any other computer.

If the hard drive inside the mini fails – or begins to fail – it can do so with an audible sound which at least gives the user some warning that there are problems afoot. To this end such a sound (which can be best described as the sound of metal against metal) is often a precursor to platter misalignment or issues with the actuator arm or shaft as it tries to have the read/write heads pass across the drive during the process of reading or storing information.

Another sure fire indicator that there are issues with your Apple is that the hard drive itself will not be properly displayed on screen. The icon may be visible but try opening it and you will be told that the drive has been ejected; effectively this is the Apple’s way of telling you that it no longer recognises the drive even though the drive icon still registers as being present.

If you have experienced any of the above in relation to your Apple Mac mini – or indeed any Apple irrespective of its model – contact us at 01752 429735 immediately. If you are the owner of a Mac that is making unnatural noises like those we’ve described, freezes or refuses to allow access to your data then the hard drive is in need of recovery and our engineers are on hand to provide you with the data recovery service you require.

We offer a standard, express or critical service depending on how urgently you need access to your data and our engineers – on calling 01752 429735 – can give you an over-the-phone diagnosis and an obligation free quotation. They’ll also explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your precious data, give us a call here at Plymouth Data Recovery; our recovery centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.