Recovering data from a hard drive

Get Your Data Recovered No fix? No fee!

Plymouth Data Recovery specialises in recovering data from a wide range of devices capable of storing data. We recover data from PCs, External HDDs, Laptops, RAID setups and a whole host of removable storage devices. We have 15+ years experience in the field of data recovery and carry out 1000s of recoveries annually.

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Stack of hard drives

Failed RAID Server Recovery No fix? No fee!

When it comes to recovering the data from failed RAID Systems as well as other computer types, our experience is unparalleled. We recover data from failed RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 systems no matter the configuration or manufacture. We also recover data that has been rendered inaccessible as the result of rebuild failures.

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Data recovery centres nationwide

Twenty-Six Nationwide Centres No fix? No fee!

We are 1 of 26 data recovery centres operating throughout the United Kingdom. We also have branches in London (4 in total),Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Bracknell, Staines, Maidenhead and Guildford.

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No Fix? No Fee!

In 99.9% of cases we recover the data fully from a failed device. If we don't you don't pay!

Laptop data recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

We deal with anyone who uses a computer or any kind of valuable storage device.

Laptop on charge

Recovery Times Second to None

We offer our clients the premier data recovery service throughout the whole of Plymouth

Laptop in use

Did You Know?

We Have 25,000+ parts in Stock!

Our part stocks are used exclusively to help remedy our customers' data recovery problems.

Plymouth Data Recovery: the most comprehensive Data Recovery service in the United Kingdom

At Plymouth Data Recovery we perform thousands of data recoveries every year successfully for our clients. We can recover user data from any storage device including desktop PCs, Laptops and RAID servers. We believe, just like our clients, that we offer the most comprehensive data recovery service in the United Kingdom and Ireland.Click here for more information...

Apple Mac Mini Repair

Technology is becoming more sophisticated and smaller with each passing year. And there can be no better example of this than with the Apple Mac Mini, a small little box of silver sleek design that packs a punch when compared to its larger rivals. With 4GB of ram as a standard and an i5 processor the Apple Mac mini is able to compete with the best of the rest when it comes to producing high intensity graphics and audio work for those designers for whom the only choice is Apple but who have (a) a limited budget or (b) limited […] Read More

RAID 5 Rebuild

In recent years RAID 5 technology has dropped considerably in price. Indeed the price has dropped so much and the technology improved so much that RAID 5 technology is now available to the small to medium sized business where originally it was only available to the multi-million pound a year corporations or manufacturing institutions. The technology has now been improved by a whole new generation of computer users and although still referred to by many as RAID 5 has become known to the new breed of computer users as ‘Network Assisted Storage’. But by whatever name it goes RAID technology […] Read More

Seagate 2TB Recovery

Seagate first began making hard disk drives back in the late 1970s-early 1980s and have been doing so ever since. From internal hard drives they have moved into the area of external storage devices and our clients have been asking for us here at Plymouth Data Recovery to help recover data from corrupt or damaged Seagate drives (both internal and external) for the last 15+ years. Recently we have been asked to provide data recovery assistance for the Seagate STBV2000200 2TB USB expansion drive which has been developing a series of problems since it first became available back in 2012. […] Read More